Holiday Rental Terms & Conditions



    • All bookings are made in good faith, however, we are bound by any subsequent instructions received by the Landlord
    • All bookings are booked under the instruction of the Landlord and cannot be approved without authorised confirmation from an employee of Century 21 SouthCoast
    • The property is booked at the Tenants own risk and discretion
    • Bookings cannot be held without a deposit paid
    • Any printed, written or verbal description of the premises by the Agent or an employee is made in good faith but the agent accepts no responsibility for incorrect information
    • Tariffs are subject to change without notice
    • Long term bookings (greater than 27 nights) do contain special terms and conditions.a. A $1,000.00 bond is to be paid and held in our trust account for all long term stays. All refund times and claim conditions are as per our standard terms and conditions.b. A payment plan can be arranged with the agent, however a deposit is required at the time of the booking and the balance is due on the day of check in.c. Booking extensions can’t be guaranteed. If you require the booking for longer we suggest you confirm this as soon as possible. Our properties are advertised on many website and can be booked at any stage making extensions at the same house not possible.d. Departing the property earlier than your check out date unfortunately does not provide any refund.
    • There may be a surcharge for check-ins on public holidays and weekends during peak season
    • Some bookings are subject to a Booking Profile survey being completed within 8 days from the time of booking. Failure to complete this survey, the property not being suitable to the guests or results that show potential breach of the house rules/terms and conditions can result in booking cancellation
    • Each booking is approved on the information that is supplied at the time of booking. If the guests change between the time when you booked the property and arrival then your booking will need to be resubmitted to the landlord for approval.


    • A credit card pre-authorisation bond is required for accidental damages, cleaning issues and for breaches of the terms and conditions for every booking. Each property has a set bond amount
    • Credit card details for the pre-authorisation must be provided prior to checking in
    • Credit card pre-authorisations are released by Century 21 SouthCoast within 7 days of your departure, however your banking institution may have longer reversal times. Please check with your bank if you have any concerns
    • Once released Century 21 SouthCoast has not further control over the release of these funds. If you experience any delays they will be required to be resolved with your banking institution
    • Any bookings which are considered long term (28 days or more) will require a $1000 bond to be paid to Century 21 SouthCoast as outlined in item 1
    • Bookings through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) may have bonds held by the OTA and are subject to their time frames and terms and conditions
    • Bonds are refunded within 10 days from the later of the following dates:
      • Your departure date
      • The date you provide all required bank account information
      • The date all outstanding claims on the bond are finalised
      • Best endeavours are made to ensure that your bond refund is returned to your nominated account. Please note that any changes to your nominated account must be done in writing and signed by the signor of the booking form. If the bond refund does not reach your account it will be at the tenant’s obligation to prove it was not received. The Agent is not liable for the recovery of any funds should the incorrect bank account details be provided.
      • The agent reserves the right to make claims on the bond on the owner’s behalf for:
        • Excessive Cleaning
        • Damages & breakages
        • Compensation should the owner be found to suffer unreasonable losses
        • Rubbish is not removed from property and put in bins provided. Rubbish placed into incorrect bins.
        • Compensation for breaking these terms and conditions which may result in loss of entire bond.
        • Call out charges for neighbours, Landlord, police or any other persons calling Century 21 SouthCoast to report damages, noise or disturbances.
        • Call out charges by fire alarms, security companies, maintenance personnel or similar.
        • Electrical items left on upon vacating
        • Compensation for damages caused by slander, ill comments or defamation against Century 21 SouthCoast, its Agents, Landlords or the property
    • Bonds that incur deductions may encounter longer refund times
    • The tenant agrees that on all matters pertaining to the cleanliness of the property and any breakages that may occur during the period of tenancy it shall be solely at the Agent’s discretion in regard to payments for any cleaning or breakages in relation to each tenancy
    • Bond refunds to accounts overseas attract a banking surcharge of $20.00 and may occur longer refund times.


    • Century 21 SouthCoast accepts payment in the following methods:
      • Electronic transfer
      • Personal cheques provided cheque arrives 4 workings days before the due date of the payment
      • Credit Card (incurs credit card fees of 1.5%)
      • Bank Cheques
      • Money Order
      • Payment via cash over the counter at a Westpac Bank Branch.
      • All electronic transfers to Century 21 SouthCoast need to be evidenced by supplying a copy of the transfer to Century 21 SouthCoast. The evidence needs to show the date, account numbers transferred to and any reference numbers used
      • Payment receipts can be emailed upon request
      • Unfortunately we do not accept American Express
      • Century 21 SouthCoast is not responsible for any charges associated with any form of payment to our company which includes, but not limited to, banks fees charged for overseas transfers.


    • A deposit being half of the total rental charge is required within 48hours of booking to secure the booking
    • Should the deposit not be received by the deposit date the agent reserves the right to cancel the booking and rebook the held dates
    • No booking shall be considered confirmed until receipt of the required deposit
    • Deposits are not transferrable to other properties
    • Any bookings made within 4 weeks of check in will require full payment within 48 hrs of booking being confirmed
    • The balance of the accommodation must be paid 28 days prior to the commencement of the booking
    • Keys to the property will not be released until the full balance has been received and cleared.



 Should you wish to defer your booking:

    • You are welcome to defer your booking to a later date within a 12-month window from your original booking period. You can do this anytime up to 14 days before your original check-in date. Please note,
    • Only one date change is allowed, however you may bring their new dates forward to arrive sooner than the dates you originally deferred to.
    • Any existing monies from your booking will continue to be held in trust, so you will remain in credit for your new booking.
    • If your new dates are within a different season (Low, Mid, High) or your length of stay is longer, your credit from your previous booking will be applied and the balance will be payable as per our usual payment policy.
    • Should you be unable to proceed with their deferred booking the standard cancellation policy will apply.


    Should you cancel your booking:

    • At least 30 days prior to your check-in date, you will receive a 100% refund of the total booking amount
    • Between 30 and 14 days prior to your check-in date, you will receive a refund of 50% of the total booking amount
    • After that, you won’t receive a refund of any amount

*Please note, if you place your booking via an online marketplace (e.g., Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com) they may elect to keep their service fee. In this instance, this will be deducted from your refund. Additionally, for Airbnb bookings service fees for stays are not refundable if:

    • You cancel after your reservation’s free refund period ends,
    • You’ve made another reservation with overlapping dates (this prevents double-booking), or
    • You’ve cancelled more than 3 times in the last 12 months.


    • Once a booking has been confirmed and a deposit paid any alteration to the booking may incur a $25 inc GST alteration charge. These alterations include, but are not limited to:
    • Requesting early check in or late check out (additional rental charges may also be incurred at the discretion of the Landlord)
    • Bringing a pet (on pet negotiable homes).


    • In the event the property changes ownership or the property becomes unavailable under instruction of the Landlord the Agent will endeavour to find alternative accommodation or a full refund will be made
    • The agent and the Landlord accept no responsibility for losses occurred by the tenant in the event of cancellation
    • The booking can be cancelled by the Landlord in accordance with condition 9 (e), 10 (d) and 10 (e) with no refund



    • All cutlery and crockery is supplied unless otherwise stated in which further instructions will be relayed
    • Properties have gas or electric BBQ’s available. While the BBQ is available for use, guests may be required to swap the gas bottle if empty. Please keep a copy of your receipt so the owner can reimburse you for the gas purchased. Please note most properties have ‘swap and go’ bottles, please ensure you swap the bottle for a new one as opposed to purchasing a new bottle. Both the local Caltex and On the Run service stations have ‘swap and go’ bottles. On the Run is open 24 hours a day every day. Long term guests (more than 4 weeks stay) are required to pay for the use of gas in BBQ’s
    • All properties are privately owned and rented on a fully self-contained basis. In the event of a fault/malfunction of appliances or inclusions there is no obligation from the Agent or the Landlord to discount or compensate the Tenant. If a fault/malfunction is found please report it to the Agent immediately for attention and the Agent will endeavour to rectify the issue as soon as practical. No guarantee is given that the issue will be resolved before vacating the premises. Should a tradesperson be sent to rectify the issue where it was unnecessary/was the Tenants fault the charge will be passed on to the Tenant
    • As some of our rental properties are still on a septic effluent system, it is very important that no foreign objects are flushed down the toilet. If a plumber is needed and the tenant is found responsible for the blockage the tenant shall bear the cost of repair
    • Not all undercover parking is accessible to guest’s due to Landlord storage
    • Parking of vehicles on grassed or gardened areas is prohibited
    • Some areas of the home may be locked or inaccessible. Access to these areas are prohibited and any attempts to access these areas may result in damages claimed
    • Century 21 SouthCoast and the Landlord accept no responsibly for inaccessibility to areas of the property due to health issues, fear or restricted vehicle access.


    • Special conditions may apply to certain properties. These conditions are disclosed on the booking website prior to booking. Please take note of these conditions as it may impact on your stay
    • All properties are to be kept smoke free
    • A property may contain its own house rules. These will be disclosed inside any house manual
    • No open fires or fireworks are permitted on or around the premises at any time. Breach will result in immediate termination of your accommodation and loss of your entire bond
    • Loud entertainment is strictly prohibited and all noise must be reduced between the hours of 10pm and 7am in accordance with SA Law.All additional guests that are not approved on the booking must vacate the premises prior to 10 pm on any night.  Failing to comply may result in early termination of your booking with no refund and the loss of your entire bond. Please note this policy has a zero tolerance and no warnings will be given. When termination is applied it can be effective immediately and the guest’s belongings will have to be collected at a later arranged date and time.


    • THE NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS including children must NOT exceed the number of beds stated in the property description. Overcrowding will render you liable for immediate termination of your booking, no refund and the loss of your entire bond. All potential tenants must be named on the agreement. The agent has the right of early termination if additional tenants are found
    • No additional tents, caravans or additional housing is to be installed during your stay
    • Please note that holding a function/party (included but not limited to: buck nights, hens night, birthday party, receptions, wedding etc) is strictly prohibited unless prior consent is obtained by the Landlord. Holding a function at a property may incur a surcharge. Failing to pre-arrange the function will render you liable for immediate termination of your booking, no refund and the loss of your entire bond
    • If the occupants change from the time of booking the agent must be notified so the Landlord can be informed. If the Landlord does not consent to these changes the booking may be cancelled at the request of the Landlord
    • Visitors to the property are allowed, however all visitors are to have left the premises between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Should the number of visitors exceed the lessor of either: double the number the house accommodates; or 10 people prior approval by the Landlord is required.Failing to comply may result in early termination of your booking with no refund and the loss of your entire bond. Please note this policy has a zero tolerance and no warnings will be given. When termination is applied it can be effective immediately and the guest’s belongings will have to be collected at a later arranged date and time.


    • Keys can be collected from our office from 2pm to 5pm (Monday – Saturday) or at a pre-arranged pick up point between 5 pm and 8 pm (after hours and weekends) on your check in day
    • Check-ins after 8pm or before 8am cannot be guaranteed and call out fees will apply
    • Check-out time is 10am on the final day. This time must be strictly adhered to as to allow time for inspection prior to the next tenant
    • All keys need to be returned to the office, office key box on the northern wall of our office or at an onsite key lock box if one is provided
    • Only one set of keys is provided. If you require a second set please inform us at least 7 days prior
    • A $50.00 call out fee will be charged in the event the tenant is locked out of the rental premises and Century 21 SouthCoast is required to regain access
    • If in the event that the keys/remotes are lost the Tenant will be responsible for the changing of the locks, cutting of new keys and replacement of remotes
    • All best endeavours are made to ensure your property is ready on time. The Agent and the Landlord accept no responsibility for delays should the property require attention due to a previous guest, however we will attempt to grant you access as soon as possible.


  1. PETS
    • OUR PROPERTIES ARE NOT ALL PET FRIENDLY, if in doubt please ask the agent prior to booking
    • For properties that are pet friendly all pets must be approved by the Landlord and mentioned at the time of booking
    • Pets must be kept outside, but are allowed to be in a laundry etc. (tiled room) at night or on a very hot/cold day. Pets are strictly not allowed on any furniture or in carpeted areas.
    • Any damage caused by pets will be deducted from the bond
    • All pet faeces must be picked up prior to vacating
    • Any breeches of the above or discovery of a pet at the property without authorisation may result in the loss of your bond
    • A pet bond may be requested by the Landlord
    • The guests accepts full responsibility for the well-being & safety of their animal, where it is approved.


    • While on the property the Tenant shall be responsible for keeping the property secure and will be responsible for any theft or damage due to neglect of securing the property
    • The Agent and the Landlord accept no liability for any injury, debt, damage, loss, delay, expense or inconvenience caused to the tenant or their belongings
    • It is recommended that the Tenant seeks travel insurance should any unexpected situations occur
    • If personal belongings are left on the premises after vacating the Tenant has 1 (one) week in which they can obtain their belongings from the Agents office, after which they will be disposed of
    • In the event items are left at the property and guests wish to have the items returned by post, guests will be charged for postage and a service fee of $41.00 inc GST. Please note that this service is not always available, especially for large items.


    • All property maintenance is the responsibility of the Landlord. The agent will endeavour to check with the Landlord that the home is ready for check in, however the agent accepts no responsibility for faulty appliances or services
    • Please do not move furniture. Ensure all items are replaced in the same position upon vacating
    • All dishes are to be cleaned and put away prior to vacating. Leaving dirty dishes on vacating will incur surcharges.


    • Upon vacating the property all rubbish must be removed from the property and placed in the rubbish bins provided. The rubbish bins must be left on the kerbside for collection upon vacating
    • All rubbish placed in the bins must be secured in garbage bags
    • Rubbish must be placed in the correct bin (example general waste should not be placed in the recycling bin). Failure to do so will incur dumping fees
    • If your rubbish exceeds the use of the bin provided this rubbish must be taken with you or additional collection and disposal fees will be charged
    • If the rubbish bins are full on check in, you will be allowed to place your rubbish (the equivalent quantity of one bin) next to the garbage bins, secured in garbage bags. You must notify Century 21 SouthCoast upon check in that the bins were full so notations can be made on your booking. Failure to notify us may result in dumping fees held from your bond.


    • Beach towels and face washers are not provided
    • Some basic starter cleaning and personal hygiene products are provided, but you may need to supply your own especially for longer stays.


  1. LINEN
    • Each bed has a mattress protector, doona, fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow and pillow cases, bath towels provided
    • Each property will also be provided with 2 tea towels, 1 hand towel per bathroom and 1 bathmat per bathroom. If these items are not left at the property upon vacating a charge will apply and be deducted from the bond.
    • Some properties do have multiple pillows per bed, however only 1 pillow case per person per bed is provided with linen hire
    • Washing of the linen is not required
    • Any soiling or damaging of linen (including doonas, pillows, mattress protectors, tea towels, bath mats and handtowels) will be charged for laundering and/or replacement.


    • For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy which can be found at www.century21.com.au.


Last updated 10/08/21

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