Our Response to COVID-19

Here at Century 21 SouthCoast understand there is a large amount of hesitation in relation to travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic and we are here to support our guests and landlords as much as possible.

To help you understand we have compiled a list of facts that will help you know where your booking stands, what policies and procedures we have in place, what you should do prior to booking and answer any other frequently asked questions we are asked in relation to coronavirus.

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the pandemic and the Australian and South Australian Governments placed restrictions in place our policies have had to change to reflect the ever-changing travel industry. Our company has undergone further training in cleaning with infectious diseases, adopted additional safety precautions and completed tourism-based qualifications in COVID-19 cleaning. We respect that many of our clients lives have changed and we will be continuing to provide our accommodation and services in the safest conditions we are able to provide.

When COVID-19 brought the travel industry to a halt our bookings were greatly impacted and months of bookings were cancelled. For every guest that was unable to travel there is also a landlord of the property who is relying on that income. As a result we have had to adapt our policies so that it is fair for all.

1. For bookings made prior to COVID-19 being declared a pandemic (before March 13th 2020) -
Free cancellations will be applicable for bookings made prior to this date provided that the guest who placed the booking primary place of residence, if not already in the state/country on travel, is in a state or country that has travel restrictions into South Australia. The refund decision does not need to be made until 14 days prior to your arrival date as restrictions may change prior to the check in date. Please note that if you have booked through an online travel website (such as AirBnB, HomeAway, Booking.com, etc) and not direct with Century 21 SouthCoast or our website mybeachholiday.com.au service fees and cancellation fees from these sites may still occur and are out of our control. You may opt to keep any payments made towards future stays or alter your stay dates if this is more suitable. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund if the person who made the booking resides in SA. This is not extended to the rest of your travel party. We sympathise with those guest who were coming for events that are cancelled, such as weddings, and hope you take the opportunity to still get away for the stay duration.

2. For bookings made post COVID-19 being declared a pandemic (after March 13th 2020) -
All bookings made after the declaration of the pandemic our normal cancellation policies apply. All travelers are now fully aware that COVID-19 is present in today’s society and of the situation of restrictions can change at any moment. Placing a booking will be made at your own risk. Refunds will only be provided if the legislation prevents the home from being provided as accommodation and not if you are personally unable to travel.

We highly recommend that you review local travel recommendations and restrictions for South Australia in addition to any advice provided by the World Health Organisation.
Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy in the unfortunate event you have to cancel.
We suggest you consider purchasing travel insurance which might provide you with coverage for illness due to COVID-19 and not allowed to travel. We do not endorse any insurance provider and suggest you carefully consider any policies terms and conditions before purchasing a policy.

Prior to your arrival we ask that the person who has made the booking complete our booking declaration about your travel party and COVID-19 disclosures. We ask that you list the names of all guests that are to stay at the property, your type of travel party, and answer a series of questions about your recent travels through other states/countries and your current covid-19 contact and health status. This will assist us in providing necessary assistance to contact tracing should a confirmed case be detected at the home near your stay dates.

At departure we do ask that guests disclose to us if anyone has been unwell at the property or if they are pending a COVID-19 test result. This will ensure that our housekeeping team are equipped to effectively clean after the departure and there is sufficient time to clean the home before the next guests arrival.

While there is a common conception that travel is in a downturn, we are currently experiencing a very high level of bookings locally (approximately triple) of what is normally seen for this time of year. As a result we are unable to offer discounts.

We completely understand that many of our travelers are coming from states and territories where 14 day self-isolation conditions apply. We still welcome you to travel and stay with us if this is the case. It is just asked that you make us aware that this is the case and we will make special arrangements with you to collect the keys from a certain location, rather than a face to face key collection from our office (if applicable) and all paperwork is completed digitally prior to arrival.

Yes. Our office is still open. However, please note in stages of higher restrictions our office may be operating with smaller teams on site - with the majority of staff working remotely to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19. This will not affect your booking and alternative key collection arrangements will be made if we are unable to be open.